God has called us to combine our gifts and talents to plant churches that…



and nurture…

the love of Christ in the hearts of the people in Tabora, Tanzania.

God has shaped and is continuing to shape us as individuals and as a team. He has a heart for the Nyamwezi people, and we feel that He has shaped this team so that His will for these people and this part of the world will be fulfilled. At this point, our commitment to joining Him in His work there is 8-10 years.


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Miriam

    Though I’ve only met three members of the team (one of whom since they laid her in my arms over 26 years ago), I love each and every one of you. You will be the comforting arms, the encouragers, the playmates, the coworkers, and the family of three of the people I love most in the entire world. I love you for that, and thank God for you! What a blessing to Stacy, Garrett, and precious little Isaiah, and what a blessing to us.

    God bless you all. May he wrap His arms of protection and fruitful work around you at all times. Thank you and know that you are loved!

    Miriam Upton

  2. Milayna

    Great job setting up the site, Katy. We LOVED having you all here with us last weekend. Continually amazed at God’s provision as He provided even more than we could ask or imagine with the P153 offering. We hope to see you in Abilene before you come back in the spring. Love and prayers!
    Milayna Brandon and family

  3. We are writing this from Tabora, happened onto your facebook page and blog as we were looking for information on Tabora. We are located in Musoma with the Mennonite church, here visiting Tabora and Shinyanga to talk with Mennonite church leaders about their leadership development programs. Our churches are not large but growing, in this area since the 1970’s mostly. It will be good to connect sometime. Blessings to you as you prepare. We noticed the little ones – reminds us of our grandchildren.

  4. David Underwood

    Katy, it was great to meet you at Pepperdine! Please keep me updated as to you all finding support.
    God bless, David Underwood

  5. Blessings to you and your family. We are proud of you. Be bold. Be humble. Hang on! Blessings…

  6. Steve Salowitz

    Great meeting you all in Dar es Salaam. I will be praying for your orientation to TZ, language study, and for God to give you wisdom and eyes to see His leading as you begin your journey to Tabora.

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